Fuse Family (Fuse Kids) was born out of the idea that we want to see the next generation fused to Christ. We want to see the next generation so focused on Christ that every area of their lives are connected to Him. One of the most beautiful definitions of what it means to be a Christian is what the apostle Paul wrote when he declared that we have been joined (fused) to Christ. Being fused to Christ means more than joining His team. It means that we surrender our lives and live for someone greater. Being fused  to Christ means more than just a joining a church. It is realizing that we are better together. It means becoming like Jesus. Being fused to Christ means that we can’t pick and choose when we want to be a Christian.  It means living all of life connected to Him. 



  • CHILDREN’S CHURCH (SUNDAY 11:00AM) - Nursery - 3rd Grade only




This month the kids will be looking at the connection between individuality and God’s character, as shown through God’s Big Story. God is one of a kind. He has no beginning and no end. Everything He has created is unique and one-of-a-kind, including people created in His image. Every person is an original reflection of God in how they love, care for others, imagine, create, and solve problems. Jesus lived this out in the way He loved all people, and helped people feel like they had value no matter who they were or what they had done. We can reflect this in the way we live out how God created us. 

“Having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will” - Ephesians 1:5

Along with seeing your child become a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, one of our greatest goals is to ensure your child’s safety. One of the strategies that we have implicated is KidCheck. This systems allows only parents and approved guardians to check children both in and out of programs. If you are new to Shelby, you will have to create a new account their first time you check your children into programming. If you would like to save time on your first day, you can create your account ahead of time by clicking the KidCheck link.