This is a ministry that works to help support homeless individuals in downtown Detroit. Second Chance Ministries has Sunday services; a Tuesday prayer meeting, Wednesday NA/AA meetings, Friday services, and a Saturday breakfast and Bible study. After every service they serve a free dinner and provide clothing and hope to those in need. Pastor Kootama picks up people in their church van at the homeless shelters and also those in need of transportation for services. They have made a tremendous impact on the community. Pastor Kootama has been in Second Chance Ministries for 11 years now and is thankful for all the ways that God has used him in his community. 

Over the past few year, Shelby Bible Church has become more involved with this ministry. Every Thursday at 10:00am  we prepare sandwiches to take downtown to 2nd Chance Ministries at 10am. We usually leave to deliver the sandwiches around 11:00am. 


The first Sunday of every month, we go to the Shelby Nursing Center to visit and encourage the residents. We meet in the lobby around 12:50pm.  On the third Sunday of the month, we also go over to the Shelby Nursing Center and have a worship service with the residents at 10:30am. If you are interested in helping with either of these outreach opportunities please fill out the form below or contact Wendy Billings. 

Food Pantry Outreach

Shelby Bible Church has a food pantry for families in our community that are in need. Every three months, they are able to come and get groceries. Keep an eye out for various food items that you can donate to our food pantry. 

If you are interested in helping with various outreach opportunities, please fill out this form and the Outreach team will contact you with more details. 

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