Fuse Ministries was born out of the idea that we want to see the next generation fused to Christ. We want to see the next generation so focused on Christ that every area of their lives are connected to Him. One of the most beautiful definitions of what it means to be a Christian is what the apostle Paul wrote when he declared that we have been joined (fused) to Christ. Being fused to Christ means more than joining His team. It means that we surrender our lives and live for someone greater. Being fused  to Christ means more than just a joining a church. It is realizing that we are better together. It means becoming like Jesus. Being fused to Christ means that we can’t pick and choose when we want to be a Christian.  It means living all of life connected to Him. 



Jesus is the true Witness (noun) of God. Join us as we go through the book of John and see how Jesus revealed himself to the world. 



As we grow in our relationship with Jesus, The Witness (Noun), we will grow in our ability to be a Witness (Verb).