Fuse family ministries was born out of the idea that we want to see the next generation fused to Christ. We want to see the next generation so obsessed with Christ that every area of their lives are connected to Him. One of the most beautiful definitions of what it means to be a Christian is what the apostle Paul wrote when he declared that we have been joined (fused) to Christ. Being fused to Christ means more than joining His team. It means that we surrender our lives and live for someone greater. Being fused to Christ means more than just a joining a church. Its realize that we are better together. Being fused to Christ means more than just knowing the Bible. It means becoming like Jesus. Being fused to Christ means that we can’t pick and choose when we want to be a Christian.  It means living a life of ministry. 

TRU KIDS | SUNDAY | 9:45AM - 12:15AM

Each year, our kids will travel through the entire Bible and see how God’s Big Story connects to their own story. Each lesson focuses on a statement about God to show kids that no matter the story - God is always central. Each week the kids take home a Home Front Weekly that encourages families to spend time together in God’s Word and introduces kids to the next weeks lesson.  (4th-6th Graders participate in the 11am service)


This video series provides a fun and new way to help your children learn about God, the Bible, and faith! Each week kids will get to watch a short video and participate in exciting activities as they discover “What’s In The Bible?”


Man is not the key player in history. God is the engineer of all life and His purposes are fulfilled throughout history. Each lesson focuses on the magnificent character of the One who can satisfy all our longings. Showing children the greatness of God gives them a basis to respond to Him. Each week, kids will be asked to memorize verses to help them hide God’s Word and truth in their heart. The cost is $15.00 per child. 

In an effort to ensure that we create a safe and secure environment, we use an electronic check-in system.  The first day that your child attends a class, you will be asked to create a guardian account. This account is private and only the parent/guardian can change the information in the account. If you would like to create an account before you arrive please click on the link below: